For the serious LEGO junkies out there, the LEGO IDEAS community is a one-stop shop for all things plastic brick. From message boards to activity ideas, the platform—which is officially hosted by LEGO—encourages members to share their creations and compete for prizes with build competitions. It’s also where master builders can upload proposals for new LEGO sets that the community votes for to move into mass production.

Among others, the LEGO Typewriter from Master Builder Steve Guinness recently hit over 10,000 supporters—meaning, the LEGO corporate team will move the design into the Review phase for 2020 and if they decide to move forward with it, create the SKU, packaging, and marketing around it.

Says Steve on his ingenious creation:

I have designed and built this replica typewriter, that has a working hand-cranked mechanism. I originally developed the idea whilst I was on the Legomasters TV show in the UK. Since then I have continued to refine the design, making a hand-cranked mechanism instead of a power functions motor that I had originally fitted. I have also had the keys printed up with letters. I believe this would make a fun and unique lego ideas project. I think it showcases the versatility of the Lego brick and would look amazing on any Lego fans desk, at home or even in the office at work!

Even more impressive, Steve has even gone so far as to design packaging for the device modeled after traditional typewriter cases. Read more on the project over at LEGO IDEAS.


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