While I’m not much of a coffee drinker (the drink I’m holding in my picture is actually tea), I know some people can’t start the day without a good cup o’ Joe. Easy when you’re at home but, when outdoors, it can be challenging to brew a solid pot of coffee. So how can you elevate your outdoor coffee experience?

Great outdoor coffee is what VSSL JAVA (“Vessel Java”) specializes in. Instead of using instant coffee or pre-ground coffee, the JAVA allows you to hand grind your coffee beans to create an ideal cup of coffee outdoors or wherever you may be.

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Ultimate Travel Coffee Grinder

The aircraft-grade aluminum body keeps the JAVA and your coffee from getting banged up while traversing the great outdoors, but it’s the parts which grind the coffee that really stand out:


For instance, the handle which is used to attach the canister to your bag flips back for use as a hand grinder. You don’t have to dismantle it for use either, so you’re less likely to lose your grinder.


A snap dial inside the JAVA lets you customize your brew from coarse to fine. Once you’ve chosen from the 30 different types of grinds, a stainless steel burr grinder lets you make your blend with ease.


From adding your beans to sipping your coffee, coffee brewing with the JAVA should not take more than a minute. There’s also a quick release top which lets you easily pour in your beans, a grind latch which can be attached to the hand grinder for a better grip, and mini radial ball bearing sets to help evenly grind your beans.


The main driving force behind the VSSL JAVA was to be able to consistently create good coffee even while outdoors. Since the best coffee is made by grinding your own coffee beans, it made sense to create a portable hand grinder made from high quality materials.

With the number of coffee lovers on this planet, it comes as no surprise that the VSSL JAVA is already fully funded on Kickstarter. You don’t even have to be outdoors to use it, all you need is some beans and hot water and you’re ready to start grinding!

They’ve hit their $19,000 goal raising over $150,000 to date with plenty of time to go. Options start at $100 with delivery expected February 2021.

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