If you like sneakers and you’re interested in sustainable product development, outsourcing smarter, and making sure your products are not made under forced labor conditions, you need to check out VEJA.

They’ve been around a while (some 15 years) but you may not have heard of them. Why? Unlike most fashion brands that put the majority of their revenue toward advertising, VEJA puts it toward making the best shoes with the best materials by the best people.

If you have heard of them, you may have thought, “Why sneakers?” Why not a line of bluejeans or fancy blouses? Well, their latest video tells the story, from experiencing factory working conditions in China to realizing it could be different to starting a company that has changed the shoe industry forever.

YouTube video

You won’t find much else other than shoes on the VEJA website but visit the PROJECT page to get an interactive overview on materials and the process. They also post the occasional video to their YouTube channel and updates on LinkedIn. Connect with them there.


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