No, I didn’t make a mistake with the product’s spelling. Created by the father-son design team at Onehundred, Brdis are foldable bird feeders designed specifically for birds. So while humans have Ikea furniture to decipher and build, birds have Brdis (except humans have to make these for them as well).

Crafted from .025” (6mm) foldable aluminum, these bird feeders—like Ikea furniture—arrive flat and require some elbow grease before you can fill them with nuts, seeds, or even Trail Mix.

Brdi Hangar Feeder Brdi Hangar Feeder Brdi Hangar Feeder

Before arriving at the final design, creators Dave and Calvin Laituri made the unfortunate mistake of crafting the initial prototype out of cardboard. Since birds tend to be finicky creatures and jump whenever they take-off, the cardboard bird feeder promptly ejected the seeds whenever a resident left the abode.

Brdi Hangar Feeder

By repositioning the strings and using a borrowed hiking boot lace, they were able to solve the balancing issue. To help make the Brdi even more durable, future prototypes were made from aluminum instead of cardboard.

Brdi Hangar Feeder Brdi Hangar Feeder Brdi Hangar Feeder Brdi Hangar Feeder

Different types of Brdis came from this initial design, such as the Brdi Diner (which lets birds quickly dine and dash from two entry points), the Brdi Flyin (an A-shaped feeder with a low center of gravity and a wooden perch with room for two birds to feed), and the Brdi Bar (which attaches outside a window using a suction cup hook and has a tiny roof where birds can enjoy their food under).

Brdi Hangar Feeder Brdi Hangar Feeder

As a bonus, the sloping designs of the Diner and the Flyin help keep squirrels from stealing seeds meant for flying animals (unless your neighborhood has flying squirrels).

The Brdi was first introduced back in 2014, but has since gotten an update with new design variations and colors. You can check all of them over on Kickstarter, where the project currently has a backing of $9,383 of its $10,000 goal.


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