Before you run out to get one of those rubber balls to sit on, take a look at this concept fro Jian Guan that will have your deep-vein thrombosis taking a long clot-free vacation to the island of comfy-chair bliss.

The SmartChair, aptly named, provides a biofeedback system that senses your movement and adjust the padding to provide the most focus-enhancing comfort a desk-jockey could ask for in a chair. No more getting on your knees to adjust the angle and height. All the controls are completely accessible from an on-board touch-screen that allows you to pitch, roll, rock and flatten through endless hours of tedious work.

Price? The Herman Miller Aeron chairs still ranges around $800 US, so you can imagine the SmartChair wouldn’t be the cheapest item in your office. However, once something like this is available, the temptation of ultimate comfort will make that extra laser printer or rude employee seem… not so valuable.

Jian Guan via Coolest Gadgets


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