Pendant style overhead lamps can light up a wide area but sometimes they tend to be too bright, especially when you’re directly under them. Some occasions call for a nice muted light to create the right ambiance, like during movie night, or when you are looking to set the mood for a romantic evening with your significant other. These moments call form having some means to curb the harsh light given off by a bare lightbulb.

The solution? Herzform’s Skeleton wooden pendant lamp. Herzform has designed a pendant lamp with a unique light disbursing feature. The product gets its name from the main wooden structure or “skeleton” surrounding a single lightbulb. The skeleton supports four individually adjustable panels. By fiddling around with different panel positions, you can change the light’s intensity and direction to suit your lighting needs.

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skeleton lamp

The simplicity of the overall design makes assembling the lamp easy enough. Also, the built-in flexibility of the skeleton frame makes swapping out any of the wooden panels a breeze.

While the base model Skeleton lamp comes with solid wood panels, alternative panel designs are offered. A particularly neat option are the assortment of decorative patterns that get machined into the backside of the panels. The thinning that happens due to the removal of material lets light pass through the wood and once illuminated creates a soft glow that’s sure to set your desired mood.

skeleton lamp

The Skeleton lamp is made from two species of wood oak or ash. The electric fixture is a standard E27 lightbulb holder. A vinyl coated power cord suspends the Skeleton light and gets hardwired into a flush-mounted ceiling power source.

Though you can technically affix it anywhere, the Skeleton lamp is meant to be an indoor lamp. The recommended minimum hanging distance is 55.1 inches from the floor which should be well in reach for you to manually adjust the panels. Much further up and you’d miss the opportunity to tune each panel to achieve your desired lighting condition.

skeleton lamp
skeleton lamp

The Skeleton lamp has already achieved its Kickstarter goal of $1,512. If you want to know more about the lamp and its adjustable wooden panels, be sure to give its Kickstarter page a visit!


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