Those of you who inhabit itty-bitty living quarters know that space is a premium. For most, the name of the game for everyday living becomes home organization and efficient use of space. Taming the little stuff is simple enough by just following the old saying “there’s a place for everything and everything is in place.” Yet it’s a little trickier when it comes to big furniture pieces like tables. They are serious space hogs and often sit unused for hours. Much like the small objects, it would be great if the table could be store away or take on a different form and use.

Enter German company Smart Living with their SWING Collection. SWING is a furniture collection aimed at making the most of your limited space. For example, their SWING Table is both table and shelf in one unit. Through the clever use of parallel linkages, this unique design almost effortlessly can be transformed from table to standing shelve and back again! Need more floor space? Just touch the release lever and swing the table into its standing shelf position! Let’s have a look at their promotional video and then take a look at the products in a little more detail.

YouTube video

At first glance, these tables look like a modern spin on the classic multi-leaf table. But any attempt to remove one of the top segments would prove you wrong. Instead, each leaf is securely fixed to an individual sub-frame. Each of these by way of hinge pins is jointed to side rails that span the length of the table. Instead of a change in length, with this configuration, a swing of the frame totally transforms it into an altogether different furniture piece. Pretty slick huh!

Table + Free Standing Shelf Configuration

swing table

The mechanics behind the morphing of the table to shelf configuration is made possible by way of a parallel four-bar linkage system. The middle wooden leaf remains fixed in possible with center frame leg structure. The two shelves on either side remain parallel to the floor as the while swinging in the new vertical shelf configuration. Latches located at the side of the frame are used to lock the table in place, keeping you from accidentally transforming the table while in the middle of enjoying a tasty meal!

swing table

swing table

To help make moving this transformable table easier, recessed rollers are installed under the table legs.

Table + Wallmounted Shelf Configuration

If you aren’t into moving your tables around and want to reserve the floor space for your next dance party, then you’ll want to choose the SWING collection wall-mounted configuration. Be warned though, cantilevering a table from a wall is tricky business. In fact, so much so, Smart Living declines to provide hardware and issues the following disclaimer;

SWING 2.0 is delivered without any accessories for fixing to a wall. As a manufacturer and distributor of the product, we cannot supply screws or tools for liability reasons. We recommend that you call a specialist for safe installation.

If you feel brave in heart or have a buddy with a lot of structural know-how, the wall-mounted configuration will take your organization to new heights and deliver your dinnerware down to you in a single swing!

swing table
swing table
swing table

All in all the SWING collection is an elegant solution for saving space and adding a new level of home organization. However, we would be remiss if we did not point out a potential elephant in the room. In all it’s marketing and advertising Smart living wonderfully orchestrates the swing from one configuration to the next flawlessly, which in many ways is a testament to the stability of their units. The stemware and flatware are all impeccably intact. But if you watched the video closely you’ll see the flowers in the centerpiece get lightly brushed against as the shelves pass by. The moral of the story, don’t be in a hurry to do the swing-thing. Owners of these furniture pieces will need to check the placement and heights of every artifact on each shelf to avoid disaster! Other than that, be it a table or shelf the SWING collection is sure to let you at will take back a healthy chunk of your residential estate!


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