As you read this, you’re probably at your desk, killing time while waiting for the workday to end. But do you know just for how long you’ve been sitting down? How about your daily water intake for the day—or meals you’ve eaten?

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One of the more obscure applications of A.I., the SmartDesk 3 ISN’T a piece of furniture outfitted with an all-seeing digital assistant with a sexy voice (you must be watching too many sci-fi shows). The desk is the third iteration of a 2015 Kickstarter project by Autonomous Smart Office, a manufacturer of smart office products that help people work smarter.

The company’s proprietary desk app (which runs on Autonomous OS 1.0) gives suggestions on things you can do to stay healthy. It gives tidbits of information about water intake, blood circulation gained by standing up, reminders on when you normally order food and flashes them on a seven-inch screen built into the lower-left side of the desk for interaction.

For food, in particular, the SmartDesk 3 keeps tabs of nearby and frequented restaurants and organizes them into shortcuts for easy deliveries. Say you’ve been eating pizza for four straight days. While it probably isn’t good for your health, the desk will create a shortcut for the pizzeria to cut down on your order time.

As for standing, the SmartDesk 3 props itself up from 24 inches to 51 inches off the ground using two linear actuators to meet the user’s increased height. The desk itself can hold up to 300 lbs of weight and the sound it emits when being adjusted falls to 38db (which is pretty silent, in case you didn’t know).

Adjusting the desk and ordering pizza aren’t the only things the A.I. can do. Since it was built as a work assistant, the SmartDesk 3 app also includes a bunch of reminders for the time, weather, meetings, coffee, and current stock market. It also uses Nest to let users control the room temperature, Spotify to play work music selections, and Uber to get a ride when the work day is done.

The SmartDesk 3 also features gesture movements for some widely-used office programs like Slack and Google Docs. While you could easily access these with a mouse and keyboard, the desk’s touchscreen lets you tap and pinch documents like on a tablet.

The desk was the result of a 12-month development process involving a team of 40+ engineers, product managers, and designers. The project has already exceeded its Kickstarter goal of $25,000 (it currently stands at $64,563) and will be ongoing for at least another month. More details on the desk’s specs can be found on the SmartDesk 3’s Kickstarter page.


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