It never fails. You put leftovers in and either a mold infested lifeform emerges or the skin is torn off your fingers from freezer burn. Your fridge has it out for you… and it’s time to show it who’s in charge of your food preservation needs. However, before you empty that knife block into it’s protective magnetic exterior, check out this dual-purpose, passive-aggressive tool for doing the trick.

Even if you just want to stick [up] a Knife Fridge Magnet or five without any artwork, it will still show off your badassery. And think of the stories that will spread about you. Everyone will know you are badass enough to use knives on your fridge…

Plus, they are particularly useful for putting on the heads of cats, either photos of cats that people send you (and shouldn’t) or on actual cats with steel plates fastened to their skulls. It’s available now at ThinkGeek for a chilling $9.99.

What about Butcher Knives?

Yes, what about them? The only thing better would be an Butcher Knife magnet. Fortuantely, Marko Markovic modeled a butcher knife and put it on 3D Content Central. I’ve modified it in SolidWorks to make the blade wider for magnets. The rest is up to you.

Download the Butcher Knife Model (.STEP and .SLDASM). You can have it 3D printed via a place like Shapeways or Sculpteo. Then, just order some disc magnets from K&J Magnetics (10 for $1.00) and glue those suckers in.


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