Considerably more complex than a typical desk lamp or a child’s nightlight, the folks at CE Lighting have come up with a modern reinterpretation of everyone’s favorite boogeyman buster.

At first glance, the Skala Lamp looks like a pencil holder without the…you know, pencil holding feature. In fact, it looks like little more than a paperweight—but folding out the telescoping portion of the device turns the Skala into a much more useful task lamp.

Let’s shed some ‘light’ on this: Skala is a USB-charged wireless lamp consisting of four telescoping rings. These rings can be extruded from the base in a variety of ways to provide 4,000K (Kelvin) light via the lamp’s cover.

It may not be the most groundbreaking industrial design you’ve ever seen, but the absence of wires and use of metal adhesion to provide light via the lamp cover makes you wonder what kind of witchcraft the designers are up to. Even with this conduction method active, the Skala is safe to touch without fear of electrocution. As for controlling the light itself, users press and hold the touch-sensitive button to set the intensity from a soothing nightlight to shadow monster-busting proportions.

The Skala weighs five pounds, is composed of 76 anodized aluminum parts, stands at seven inches in its unfolded state, and reaches a maximum height of 13 inches when the rings are fully unfolded.

The project has currently accomplished $13,347 of its $25,000 goal on Indiegogo and has roughly eight more days to reach its funding goal.


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