america’s cup flagsLast week SolidWorks put out a press release about the two competitors in this years America’s Cup, Emirates Team New Zealand and Alinghi Switzerland.

Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) and Alinghi are competing in the America’s Cup 2007…Taking place off the coast of Valencia, Spain, the 32nd America’s Cup features a rematch of the two yachts that competed for the championship in 2003.

What’s unique about this competition is that both of the boats were designed using SolidWorks. The hull, keel, winch mounts, and other deck hardware of both boats are some of the aspects of each that were designed to withstand the forces of the high winds and mighty sea.

As I’m writing this, Alinghi has just won. Go swiss. You can see the race highlights at the America’s Cup website.

It’s very interesting to see what goes into designing vessels like this. My brother owns a 30′ sailboat and we always talk about designing a boat in SolidWorks.


To see some more about the design for each boat:
Emirates Boat Design
Alinghi Boat Design






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