Look an eclipse! Wait don’t look! Wait look. It’s not an eclipse. It’s a personality core. space, space, SPACE! These Portal 2 Personality cores created by Chris Myles are all the goodness of Portal 2 wrapped up in fully functional replicas of the characters that hamper and help you throughout your adventure in the Aperture Science facility. These have been around the interwebs a bit, but there’s one video that came out after a majority of the coverage that shows the process Chris went through in creating the dashing little spheres and it’s chock full of advice and insight on how to go about creating one or fifty of your own personality cores.

Portal 2 Personality Cores

Chris designed the Cores in SolidWorks with the main body being printed on a Objet Eden 350 3D Printer. The other parts include lancing device springs, paper clips, LEDs, color gels and more. In the video below, Chris makes a great point about approaching any sort of design project.

For any project, drafting skill, personal research and effort, and some thought an ingenuity are going to be required. I know it’s going to seem harsh, but don’t expect Ikea level instructions for custom props, replicas or costumes.

Below you’ll see images of four Personality Cores – Wheatley, the Adventure Core (Rick), the Space Core, and the “Fact” Core with more images on Chris’ Flickr profile. Oh, and if you want to buy these, don’t ask. I’m almost certain if one more person asks in the Flickr comments, he will portal himself into space.

YouTube video

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