Although a well-designed and balanced pen can be a dream to write with, few writing instruments could ever replace the humble wood pencil. Now, artists, designers, engineers, woodworkers and anybody else who grinds their pencils down to a nub will soon be able to get a lot more mileage out of that lead.

Soon to be launching on Kickstarter, the Pencil+ is the ultimate pencil companion and transporter that features an onboard sharpener, eraser holder, and lead extender for getting the most out of those pricey Blackwings, Prismacolors or whichever pencil you use to get your ideas and projects from A to B.

With the ability to grasp onto just 14 mm of pencil material, the Pencil+ lead extender ensures that you’ll get nearly every last drop of lead life without sacrificing your grip.


The Pencil+ will be available in teak, ebony, wild olive, African padauk and Indonesian redwood models. Find out more and stay updated on the product launch by heading over to the Pencil+ website.


Simon is a Brooklyn-based industrial designer and Managing Editor of EVD Media. When he finds the time to design, his focus is on helping startups develop branding and design solutions to realize their product design vision. In addition to his work at Nike and various other clients, he is the main reason anything gets done at EvD Media. He once wrestled an Alaskan alligator buzzard to the ground with his bare hands… to rescue Josh.