You have probably seen so many 3D printed corn starch and resin trinkets (BACON!) that you’d like to punch your neck, but before you inflict pain and blood-choking upon yourself, there’s news on the 3D print-for-manufacturing side. And by print-for-manufacturing, I mean, production-ready parts straight from the printer. Stratasys recently announced the availability of new ULTEM 9085 BLACK and, if you’re familiar with ULTEM, you probably want to forward this to your coworkers/boss right away. Here are the details.

Black ULTEM 9085

ULTEM is a plastic made by SABIC Innovative Plastics that is super tough, super durable and passes government fire regulations for a variety of applications. It’s the go to material for end-use parts, but up till now, it was only available in tan. As Stratasys says,

“The majority of our tan ULTEM users have requested the material also be available in black, because it gives a uniform look to product assemblies,” said Fred Fischer, business development director at Stratasys. “It also helps mask dirt or grease found in mechanical systems or under the hood, in the fuselage, or on the manufacturing floor. For many users, the black color will eliminate the need for non-value-added post-processing step of painting or coating.”

I’m pretty sure this request has been made for the last few year. Nice to see it finally happening and to know, throughout engineering/design/manufacturing facilities around the world, there are tears of undulating joy being shed. Video and images below. More info here.


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