Moniker Guitars of Austin, Texas make some of the most beautiful (and unique) solid body electric guitars I’ve ever seen. Plus, they allow you to customize your very own guitar through their online configurtator–Keeps you from gouging yourself with a carving knife trying to whittle one out of that maple stump. These guitars are high class and completely configurable, right down to the text and graphics. They also happen to have a Kickstarter campaign for their new line of semi-hollow body guitars.


Moniker Custom Guitars

So as you can imagine, there’s a bit of work that goes into making a semi-hollow body guitar. After the popularity of their custom solid bodies and the demand for semi-hollow body versions, the team of three went through prototype after prototype fine-tuning the design for the perfect sound. We spoke with co-founder Kevin Tully via email to glean a little more insight.

To design the CAD file for cutting the semi-hollow guitars we used AutoCAD. The aesthetic designs for the guitars were mocked up in Photoshop as were all the images used in the guitar configurator on our site

I’d say the biggest challenge in designing the guitar was getting the weight ratio just right. When you remove wood to create the chambers for the semi-hollow design, you want to make sure you do it evenly and in a way that makes the guitar comfortable to wear on your shoulder. It shouldn’t tilt forwards or backwards. Also getting the neck pocket just right is always a challenge. You want the neck and body to join in a way that it feels like one solid piece of wood. But the joint can’t be too tight or the body and paint might crack over time as moisture gets into the wood and it expands. Of course, everything is sealed and primed to try and prevent that from happening.

When we asked who he would like to see playing a Moniker custom, he said,

If I could get a Moniker guitar in any artists hands it would be an artist that has a unique sound and has a strong visual element just like our guitars. Young bands like The XX, Alt-J, and Waaves would be exciting to work with because they encompass those things. I also caught the band Diiv at SXSW and those young guys put on a hell of a show. Would love to get some guitars in their hands.

Definitely some bands for you to check out. As of this writing there are only nine guitars left for the Early Bird special of $700. After those are gone, you’ll be able to snag one for $900 and up. Amazing price for a custom electric of this caliber. They’ve also got some of the best rewards too, from a sweet tee to learning to build a guitar with them down in Austin and having a guitar named after you. Hop over to the Kickstarter campaign, watch the video and snag one of these sweet guitars while you can.




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