I can’t imagine going for a run without a water bottle in hand–a gallon of milk is just too heavy and goes everywhere when you try to take a sip. Am I right? There’s no limit to the number of stainless steel insulated water bottles available, so when we heard of the Malko Bottle we thought it was going to be just another bottle. We were wrong.

We’ve heard the stats. The Pacific ocean is turning into plastic and babies are turning into BPA. The Malko team wants to combat that in the most stylish way possible. But it’s not the style of the bottle that captured our attention. It’s the thought that went into it.

YouTube video

Maybe you caught it at the 1:42 mark. “Thanks to a plastic rim, the feeling on the lips is like drinking from a glass, without the annoying feeling of cold.”

In all the bottle I have and have used over the years, the rim design always seemed like an afterthought. This bottle was designed around it. Other rims–whether it’s the size, shape or design–are an annoyance or work better as a cookie cutter (true story, perfectly cut circular cookies). That edged orifice makes filling, cleaning or drinking from them an awful experience or, as it should be, something you don’t notice.

The Malko bottle uses a propylene, BPA-free rim, with a larger opening. The design makes it more comfortable to drink from, easier to fill and easier to clean. Does it gently caress your lips? Maybe if it had hands, which would be scary and weird, so no, but it won’t burn, chill or slice them either.

Beyond this, the bottle is functional for hot (12 hours) or cold drinks (24 hours) and looking stylish during business meetings or spewing water on yourself after a hardass run. It’s sustainably made with recycled materials, and (my fav) minimal.

They just launched their Kickstarter campaign where one bottle at the early bird price is €28 (~$31 USD) with a 2-pack for €56 (~$63 USD). Shipping is free in Italy, but will slap another €12 to €55 on the cost depending on your location. Delivery is scheduled for Febraury 2018. You can follow Malko for updates and the latest on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.


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