It’s hard to take a break between long computer sessions, whether it’s because you’re “in the zone”, finishing a personal project or slammin’ pixels for project deadline. But with MagnetCubes, I think we’ll find ways to jump off the computer an hour or five for some good ol’ fashion play.

MagnetCubes Modular Magnetic Blocks

To put it simply, MagnetCubes are a series of stackable magnetic blocks with a variety of connectable tracks. First, you create the transparent cube structure of your dreams, then you snap the red marble tracks through or around the cubes to make your own little marble coaster.

Your marble coaster may consist of a one-way track, as many loop-de-loops as (in)humanely possible, or even an infinitely looping track with a magnet launcher. No matter what you make, you won’t know how it performs until you plop that first marble on the track.


The best part about MagnetCubes is that, even with their rigid scaffold-like design, the cubes are completely transparent, and allow you to see the marbles as they traverse your meticulously built coaster design of doom.


The contrasting transparent cubes and red track are beautifully designed, almost elegant it their form and simplicity. It can be just as much center piece as it play piece, just as much party game for adult as it is construction kit for kids.


While MagnetCubes was designed to teach children basic science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) principles, they also serve as a great way for adults to go analog; to relax and build something off a computer or tablet, or as a tool of sorts to simply get the creative juices flowing.


Unlike a stress ball or a Newton’s cradle, however, MagnetCubes take up a bit more space on your desk. But, they’re modular and able to go anywhere, like the kitchen countertop, the coffee table, atop the fridge, around the plants, through the bookshelf… I think you get the idea now.


The variation, the design, the diversion from our digital overlords… we love it. Other folks seem to as well, with a Kickstarter goal of $10,000 that has been blown past and currenlt nearing the $250,000 mark.

There are a variety of MagnetCube options available from a 64-cube starter pack for $35 to 1536-cube mega pack for $792 with variation of straight tracks, quarter-turn, loop, top-hill, downhill, launchers and marbles. They’re currently going into their second trial production with shipment and delivery to happen July 2020.

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