While face masks may offer some protection from inhaling a nasty virus, personal protective equipment (PPE) like a face shield guard your entire face from coming into contact with touches, sneezes, wood chips and much more.

Now, you may have seen list of PPE supplies or some wearing full face shields to protect people from COVID-19. Though they help, donning a helmet or straping a large sheet of plastic to your head isn’t the trendiest or most comfortable. However, there’s one solution that rises above the rest – the Clip-On Shield by Komi Creations.

This particular face shield piles on top of the endless designs you’ll see in online searches, but it’s definitely one of the more novel design solutions we’ve seen, even in regard to other clip-on glasses or hat brim face shield designs. It’s a kind of pandemic equivalent of the clip-on tie.

Instead of hanging from a helmet or head strap, a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) frame clips along the brim of any cap. The curved face shield, which is made from die-cut PET sheets, wraps your face below. The one-piece clip is designed to be easily fitted and removed from the standard ball cap.

clip-on shield
The intial prototype of the Komi Creations Clip-On Shield.
clip-on shield

Since the project started development back in March 2020 (during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic), it was made specifically for use by the general public and has a greater emphasis on comfort. If the initial tests on hairdressers are any evidence, the Clip-On Shield is lightweight and comfortable enough for wearers to forget they even have them on.

clip-on shield

You may be thinking it already but it’s obvious this face shield has more application outside of just pandemic situations. Of course, businesses want to make customers feel safe, so this is a great solution for business owners. But outside of spread prevention, there are applications for the restaurant industry and also for manufacturing where people need to protect their face but find a large face shield bulky and inconvenient. However, there’s an even broader business/consumer aspect for landscape/gardening, home shop, and outdoor use where you need to protect your face from flying debris, not to mention the bonus if you wear a ballcap.

The Clip-On Shield is currently live on Kickstarter with a $22,000 goal and pledges starting at $40 CAD ($30 USD) for a 3-pack of Clip-On Face Shields with availability as soon as August 2020. With the prevalence of face shield options available and an immediate need, at least for COVID protection, it would be nice to have sooner availability. It’s an interesting design though, so hop over and show your support on their Kickstarter campaign where you’ll see some process videos in their updates as well.


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