If you were to take on a fourth-generation Italian company that produces chairs, sofas and other furniture as a client for a new furniture collection, the chances of straying too far from tradition are likely to be somewhat slim.

Rather, the focus would more likely be on enhancing existing details and processes while maintaining the company’s philosophy.

This is exactly the challenge that Italian design studio DINN! took on when they designed the new Decanter Collection for Italian client Passoni Nature.

Decanter is the result of meticulous research into natural dyes paired with an innovative alchemical process that allows for multiple color shades by extracting the tannin from the wood and using wine as a dye.


“We have designed this all-natural collection with an enveloping and comforting wooden frame, just like a good glass of wine,” says DINN! “Craftsmanship, wine, history, culture and ecology come together into a unique excellence. A few simple ingredients of great quality, experienced craftsmanship and alchemical wisdom make it a unique product to live and decant.”


Inspired by the tool used to help wine oxygenate, the collection includes completely natural colors that are a direct result from the wines, which include Rosè, Dolcetto, San Giovese, Barricato and Aceto. The finish, which was developed in collaboration with PelleVino Treatment®, is a completely natural and patented technology.

“We are talking about two realities that have wisely combined the love for the land and its culture together with a competitive industrial production, by using a few simple ingredients but of exceptional quality.”





“Wood and wine find their point of union in a process that requires the right time to get unique and important features,” adds the studio. “The wine ages in the wood, the wood is transformed by the wine and at the end this combination turns into a harmonious and rigorous design.”