An espresso maker.. that’s a gun… that’s an espresso maker. It doesn’t get any better than that. Actually it could be better, but you’d need to adapt the gun to use a needle big enough for your neck vein. Even still, this is a design of caffeine creating beauty. Stefan Riegebauer, Christina Carli, Florian Kainz & Niko Schwarz are the team of students from Vienna University of Applied Arts, CreativeDNAaustria, who created such a product for their 3rd Term Design Project. It’s called il Tiro. We caught up with Stefan and found out just what inspired the idea and what challenge they faced through the process.

It may sound too simple, but the main inspiration developed in a café where you could order ‘a shot of espresso.’ The creative process at our University is pretty comprehensive, but sometimes you just see a tag line and you know that it’s going to work. The other difficulty was to persuade our professor, that we wanted to do a ‘Espresso Revolver’ – but he was very excited about it. The design itself had several sources of inspiration. The main difficulty was to design a weapon which didn’t look aggressive – after all its meant to stand in a kitchen. So we tried to mix flowing forms (coffee) with the more technical aspects. We used Autodesk Alias 2011 for modeling and Showcase 2011 for rendering.

The design is a semi-auto espresso maker, that provides one shot of espresso with each round. Fill the water tank in the handle, set the desired temperature on the hammer, pull the espresso making trigger. You have three shots you’re able to load into the removable cylinder and a beautifully angled, cylinder recharging, docking station to mount the piece of art in your kitchen. Hands down, one of the most innovative design to happen with coffee since someone decided to burn the bean. I have no doubt this will make it to the store shelves and then to a holster under each arm.

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Images via Stefan Riegebauer


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