Have you considered adding some 3D elements to your eCommerce website? It’s a great way to stand out. You can use it to promote items, allow for a better customer experience, or create a more dynamic website to draw in new customers. Adding elements of 3D design can even improve your sales while lowering costs. Don’t believe us? Firstly, feel free to take a look at website design inspiration to stay informed about the latest design trends, and keep reading to see the best uses for 3D design elements in order to help you get your creative juices flowing. There are augmented reality options, website design options, and product promotion options. Read our guide to upgrading your eCommerce site with this new and exciting feature of 3D elements.

Make your products 3D

The clearest way to allow your eCommerce website to use 3D augmentation is with your products. It means your customers will get a better view of the items that they are interested in. Rather than looking at an item on a model or a still photo with a limited range, customers can grab items and get a full 360 view. This is very useful as a customer. One of the main appeals for in-person shopping that still lingers is that if you’re not sure about an item, the way you get sure is to see it in person. Well, 3D augmentation comes close to that.

A good 39.8% of buyers that returned items in 2020 in the US did so because of buyer’s remorse rather than anything wrong with the item, so being able to try them out will guarantee fewer returns. As a business, this is good for you as well, as it will mean less costly returns, as customers will be sure of their purchase and aren’t as likely to find a flaw when they see it in person. But this is just one way that you can use 3D augmentation to your advantage. Returning items cost the eCommerce industry over $550 billion in the US in 2020. The combination of driving sales and lowering costs is something that every online retail business owner can get on board with.

Let customers try them out with augmented reality.

The best part of the 3D experience is that it can be brought into the real world. With augmented reality, you can enter a virtual fitting room, stand in the mirror and try on an outfit to see if it suits you before buying. The entire item is rendered, so there’s no drop in quality, and you can bring items from the online world into your own. It’s not only available for clothes. If you fancy a painting it has an augmented reality render, you can place it anywhere in your home with your smartphone to see where you can put it.

Customers will open up with this option. Going further with the painting option or furniture, you’ll take the inconvenience out of buying furniture and measuring everything. Customers can simply check with their phone if the sofa fits the space available. You will soon stand out as one of the first retailers to offer an interactive shopping experience.

Give your site a funky design.

The best way to really put your 3D models to good use is in the actual design of your website. You can liven up any backdrop for your graphics with something more dynamic. Website backdrops tend to look very flat and dull but to have them interact with the user in some way is a great way to make your site pop. You can have design elements that jump out at you when you scroll when you want to present a product or project when you click on an item, and really extend the meaning of 3D in your website.

It can even take less work than making 3D models of your items, which takes a bit of machinery and software. A little bit of user interface upgrades takes a lot less hardware and knowledge and can make your website more of an interactive experience.


Both virtual reality and augmented reality offer the same great benefit to shoppers: trying out the item in their chosen area. They can try on a pair of shoes, sample a new wall color, and otherwise bring an item from the online world into their own. But the secondary feature of 3D printing is that they can also customize these items. Don’t they like black shoes? Try the red. Don’t they want beige walls? Try green. Customers can see different designs on clothing, design, and home options.


The 3D design is a great way to make your eCommerce website stand out. The concept is still relatively new and not as mainstream as other eCommerce website features, so it’s a good way to make your mark on a very oversaturated worldwide market. However, it does take more work to implement than most eCommerce website features, so it might not suit the budget of a small or even mid-sized business model. It’s an easy concept to get wrong too, so it would take some extensive planning to execute the concept well.