Raise of hands. How many have a chair made of recycled New York City water tower sitting in their living area? No? How about outdoor armchairs made of Indonesian scrapwood? (the best kind of scrapwood, I might add.) No again? Well, you may very soon want one of both. There’s an earthly aura about fine wood-grain furniture. These four designs capture it all and may even inspire you to create some yourself.

Beam by Holler Design

Holler Design’s Beam is a “big hunk of wood”. You can use it as a side table, stool or a pedestal to launch yourself into a large pile of wood shavings. The seams you see in the image tie the three reclaimed pine beams together with nothing but bowdock (Bois D’arc) pegs.

Water Tower Chair by Bellboy

Bellboy’s Water Tower Chair made in Brooklyn, New York is a single edition chair made old-growth California Redwood. It was constructed from reclaimed timbers of a New York City Water Tower for the 12 x 12 exhibit, a showcase of woodwork from 12 of New York’s historic sites.

Tavolo Traverso by Francesco Faccin

Francesco Faccin Tavolo table focuses on the central support beam of the table with the legs and lateral supports tied into each end. The tops can be removed and replaced with either wood or glass.

Scrapwood by Piet Hein Eek

Piet Hein Eek Scrapwood Furniture is known around the world. He first won a design award for his scrap wood cabinets in 1990 and has since used reclaimed and scrap wood to invent new pieces of furniture.

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Via: Contemporist, Yanko, Freshome


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