While most of the world’s technology has changed over the course of the century, the same can’t really be said about eyewear. Glasses and sunglasses haven’t changed much in the way of their base design – that is, they’re still a lens set suspended by frames that hang on your ears and nose. One company wants to improve the typical pair of sunglasses without breaking your bank.

The Magnum by Roberto Pallini doesn’t reinvent sunglass design with levitating lenses hovering in front of your eyes (though I wish they had). Rather, their conventional, yet sleek set of sunglasses make themselves super-portable, by way of a three-point total folding system, with materials and features you would see in high-end shades.

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I think the music in the video above adds just a bit to the cool factor but let’s take a look at what else these typical-looking sunglasses feature.

A Functional Frame For A Functional Lifestyle

Magnum Glasses

Inspired by the Wayfarer glasses design which was popularized back in the 1950s and 1960s, the Magnum’s frame is made from lightweight, recycled ABS plastic and fits a wide range of face shapes.

The frames are perfectly balanced so they don’t feel too heavy on any side. Special nose cushions have also been installed so it can rest easily on the bridge of your nose, no matter how weirdly shaped it may be. To cap off the frame details, each set of frames comes with a smooth matte finish so no sharp edges will snag onto your clothes or skin.

But What About That Folding Feature?

Magnum Glasses

The biggest selling point of the Magnum is its hexa-fold system. While conventional sunglasses let you fold in the temples (the parts that set on your ears), the Magnum’s tri-folding hinges allow you to fold it a grand total of five times. When folded completely, the Magnum takes up drastically less space (it’s only 3 inches wide and 2 inches high) and is stored in your shirt or pants pockets.

Magnum Glasses

It also helps that the hinges are unobtrusive and well-hidden, allowing the Magnum to keep its sleek and functional look, whether folded or unfolded.

So Do The Lenses Actually Work?

Magnum Glasses

Yep, they do.

Lens choice is available for either warm tan or a cool blue. The tan lenses are best in sunny areas, where they soften the sunlight and add a warm gradient. The blue lenses are best in snowy areas, where they block out UV light reflected by fallen snow. These are just suggestions of course; you can wear whatever you want no matter your surroundings.

Magnum Glasses

Both lenses come with UV400nm protection, are anti-reflective, have a polarized option (for an extra $6) and best of all, are impact-proof. Should you happen to accidentally sit on your sunglasses, the lenses will absorb any force directed at them and stay in one piece.

Magnum Glasses

It took over a year to design the Magnum, and now the project is currently live on Indiegogo. As of now, it has raised a total of £104,421 (roughly $135,016 USD), which means even in a time of quarantine, people still strive to look fashionable.


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