You may recall a post about the Koenigsegg CCX being the fastest street legal car designed in SolidWorks.

Now they have the fastest biofuel car designed in SolidWorks, and it doesn’t look ridiculous and slow. It’s called the CCXR.

“… the ethanol in biofuel has the positive side effect of cooling the combustion chambers, as well as a higher octane value, well over 100 RON, which gives the high power. Due to the fact that the biofuel has higher octane and cooling characteristics, the power has gone up to 1018 hp at 7200 rpm and the torque to 1060 nm at 6100 rpm.”

What’s it cost?
I like a comment from one reader at Jalopnik:

Now I’ll have to decide on whether to buy a Koenigsegg, or a fleet of Priuses.

Makes complete sense when you’ll be shelling out 2.2 million dollars (1.5 million Euro) for this beasty little speed demon.

You may not agree that CO2 impacts global weather patterns or that ethanol is the way to go, but fast cars that don’t depend on petrol are cool and Koenigsegg is doing just that. Check out more pics here.



Via Gizmodo


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