No, the above image wasn’t lifted from the pages of a Moleskine Sketchbook folks…those are actual three-dimensional structures. Korean designer Jinil Park‘s new ‘Drawing Furniture Series‘ is fairly self-explanatory, but certainly plays tricks on the eye when viewed from a two-dimensional image. Representing basic line sketches, the new collection of furniture is the result of scribbles in Park’s own sketchbook translated into physical form.

‘Drawing Furniture Series’


“It was first started by scribbling notes of a friend. “Unrefined drawing” with consisting of numerous lines…inside those lines, it contain many momentarily things. Momentarily wish, emotion, life. By shaking, wrapping, and accumulating of uncontrolled lines like human life, it become a beautiful object.” -Jinil Park

If you’ve ever wondered what your scribbly-sketches would like like in the physical world, then this is a pretty accurate execution. Using various cuts of wire and a spot-welding technique, Park’s chairs are literally the exact replica of a sketch lifted from the pages of his own sketchbook:


While most designers would use sketches of this caliber for initial ‘Post-It Note’ idea generation, Park’s execution looks anything but. The chairs have been designed with structural integrity in mind, meaning that although you may not be able to sit through a marathon reading session of The Catcher in the Rye in one of the chairs, they certainly make for a great conversational piece while sitting in one.






(Images via Jinil Park)


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