Inspired by the Dutch Modernist painter Piet Mondrain, East London Designer Hugo Passos gives an updated spin on the “old artisanal way” by avoiding machinery in his Modernist product designs.

The Piet Side Table

Made in Portugal, the tables are made by hand from solid walnut wood and Passos emphasizes the fact that “no machines were involved in all the joinery”. While the legs maintain their natural wood finish, the tops are finished with a matte lacquer in primary colors that were used commonly by the artist from which Passos drew inspiration from. The contrast between the materials, as well as the asymmetrical legs cause the table to look different from multiple angles–again similar to the geometric style of Piet Mondrain.

Other Designs by Passos


Obon consists of a split-level table with inset tray.
These two surfaces invite us to use each one for a different task. The tray area, for instance, can be used for keeping books, magazines or even for serving some drinks and food. Of course some people may use it in the opposite way or for other purposes. Obon takes its name and inspiration from an ancient Japanese summer ritual where families gather, prepare food and pay tribute to their ancestors.

IVEY Magazine Holder (for Monocle)

Ivey is a practical object for storing your magazines.
Three internal dividers provide support and allow for easy magazine browsing-like flicking through a crate of old records.

via Hugo Passos/Dezeen


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