Unless you’re some kind of overzealous morning person, no relationship has had a worse breakup than someone who is separated from his bed. Even though more and more folks are working from home, most still have to get their sorry butts out of bed to get the job done.

Bedchill might change that. This isn’t the first overbed table, by a long shot, but it does have features a normal work table doesn’t have.

Both the Bedchill and the Bedchill Plus have four gliding casters which can be customized depending on your floor type to make sliding them over your bed a lot easier. Once the wooden overbed is over your lazy body, you can change the height manually by adjusting the table legs.

Bedchill Bedchill

While both versions of the Bedchill come with two desk drawers and raised edges to make sure objects like your laptop – and more importantly, your coffee – don’t accidentally come sliding off, it’s the Bedchill Plus which comes with features to make it seem like you’ll never have to leave the bed other than to use the bathroom (and that’s arguable).


For starters, the Bedchill Plus comes with actual power outlets and USB ports. Each corner has two power outlets (which can be customized depending on the power wattage your country uses) and two USB ports (which are all the same no matter where you are in the world). It also has two adjustable LED lights (one on either end) to make sure you don’t burn your retinas while watching Netflix shows in the dark.


Speaking of Netflix, two Bluetooth stereo speakers integrated into the Bedchill Plus can be accessed using a remote control. The remote also manages the brightness and color of the LED lights, and (thankfully) doesn’t allow you to control the overall movement of the overbed table like some possessed piece of furniture. These electrical components are powered by a retractable electric cable which comes out of the table’s interchangeable legs.

It takes some patience to assemble (especially if you’re still in bed), but it seems easy enough that an overly-active child with a twitching eye can do it. The Bedchill and Bedchill Plus come in a variety of sizes, colors, and power outlet types to hopefully satisfy even the most finicky bed workers. The project already has exceeded its Kickstarter goal of $22,842 (it currently has a funding north of $275,000), which must mean there are A LOT of people who really love their beds.


You can find more specifics on the Bedchill and Bedchill Plus over on Kickstarter as well as the official Bedchill webpage.


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