is the newest design site we love. They feature the best product design and talk about how it’s all done. But it’s way more than just a design site. Airgora is also a print magazine capturing the wonder of the design process and a marketplace for designers and brands to bring their products and design concepts to you. But that’s still not all.

The first thing you’ll see on Airgora is an array of featured products, beautiful products, along with featured categories and designers. You can view those designs with some even providing early concept sketches and prototypes. Now, as of this week, you can purchase products directly from designers and brands. Brands like Fellow, Elevenplus and Normal.

When you’re logged in, you can comment on designs, and/or ‘Like’ them to add to a list of your ‘Liked Products.’

But it’s more than a place to view and buy the best product designs. If you’re a designer or brand who has a product, you can open a store and start selling on Airgora today. Posting design concepts is free for the Basic account. The next tier is a commission-free Pro account (for up to three products). The last is a Brand account with flexible pricing for brands and companies, plus a feature in their SHOWCASE magazine.

Yes, they also have a magazine, and it’s all kinds of amazing. SHOWCASE, contains stories, product features, business insight and much, much more–it’s an absolute MUST SEE. We got our hands on the first issue of SHOWCASE and it’s chock full of meaty design topics in a small form, full-color print that feels more like a high-quality paperback. Here’s a glimpse of the size and layout.

Leona Hu Hudelson is Founder, CEO, Design Director and was a former Senior UX Designer at Autodesk. In the forward to the first issue of SHOWCASE, Leona quotes Steve Jobs saying, “‘Design is the soul of a product.’ At Airgora and Showcase, we are creating the platform that cultivates the dialogue between the product and the soul.”

I think they’re off to a great start.

Lead image: Sound sculpture by Aurthur Kenzo.


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