In the history of sci-fi pop culture, only a few objects have ever elevated to ‘legendary’ status. Of course, the hoverboard from Back to the Future comes to mind – not to mention the Nike Air Mag shoes worn by Marty McFly while cruising on the board. But although it may not be technologically possible yet, the lightsaber from Star Wars takes the cake as one of the most iconic and celebrated objects in pop culture, ever.

While all of the DIY lightsaber projects, officially licensed toys and even Kickstarter projects have helped breathe new life into the famed movie prop, we’ve been yet to see the lightsaber go through a proper industrial design treatment; starting at the very beginning of the design process.

In his latest Sketch-a-Day video, industrial designer Spencer Nugent gives us a breakdown on how a lightsaber might be sketched out today as an actual (and real) product design:

Be sure to check out the rest of Spencer’s highly-informative sketch videos over on his Sketch-a-Day YouTube Channel.


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