If you’re ever on Twitter or Instagram, chances are you’ve come across your fair share of smooth animations and design photos. You know the ones: 3D rendered clips and images that look and flow so well they have to be computer-generated.

One such person who works on these designs is Julien Rivorie – a 3D artist and graphic designer based in France. Using a mixture of softwares including Cinema 4D, Marvelous Desinger, Substance Designer, Autodesk Fusion 360, Adobe After Effects, and everyone’s favorite: Photoshop, Julien specializes in making CAD designs of retro tech.

While his works include ancient fossils like a Nokia 3310 phone, a Nintendo Game Boy, and a number of video game console controllers, he has also made concept designs mixing both modern day and past tech:

You’ve got a retro portable gaming console which plays Netflix-themed games, a portable WinAmp player, and a reimagined Game Boy design for the 21st century.

Apart from making CAD projects for brands like Louis Vuitton, Nike, and Fool’s Gold Records, Julien also takes the time to work on some personal projects. These don’t fall under any category per se, but you can definitely get a feel for his style.

They all have a certain smooth, milky look and feel to them which makes some of his designs look good enough to eat. Considering he’s a self-taught artist who learned through YouTube videos and trial-and-error, that’s a pretty amazing feat.

All of his works can be found on his Instagram page, but you should also definitely check out his personal webpage for a closer look at his CAD projects.


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