For many, half the fun of owning a Nintendo Switch portable gaming console is playing video games—while the other half is spent personalizing the hardware itself.

Nintendo gets this; the video game company has put out tons of accessories for the Switch, ranging from various carrying cases to the cardboard-based Nintendo Labo. The number of things you can purchase for a Nintendo Switch is so numerous; you could end up spending more money and time customizing the console than the console itself:

Reddit user squid50s has come up with a way to save at least some of those Switch users some money. Seeing as you can’t lug around all those Switch cartridges without a carrying case (at least, for those who prefer good old cartridges versus digital downloads), he made a LEGO storage case made especially for these tiny game cartridges. And the best part? It looks exactly like the real Nintendo Switch,—all the way down to the inner circuit board.

lego switch case

To create the case, he used a combination of green and black bricks to mimic the circuit board, while the outer shell takes inspiration from the red and blue edition of the Nintendo Switch. The build was made possible due to the size of the Switch cartridges, which have just about the same measurements as a 3×4 LEGO block. Using this as a basis, he worked around the dimensional constraints to create the miniature Switch storage case.

lego switch case

What’s really cool is how LEGO had a hand in creating this build. During the creation process, squid50s couldn’t find a 3×3 corner plate piece in blue. As it turns out, the part was discontinued by LEGO two years prior. After contacting LEGO to see if they sold the pieces, the company responded and sent some extra bricks for free. That goes to show how if you ask, in many cases, so too shall you receive.

If you’re thinking of building a mini-LEGO storage case for your (or your kid’s/nephew’s/friend’s) Switch cartridges, squid50s has posted the full LEGO-like build assembly instructions for anybody looking to recreate his build.


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