Quick history lesson: László Moholy-Nagy was a Hungarian photographer, painter, sculptor, and all-around artist who helped revolutionize the art scene during the early 20th century. Think of him as a sort of Leonardo Da Vinci of his time, if you will; he took photos, built buildings, designed products – if it involved any form of media, chances are he dipped his feet into it.

The New Bauhaus

His expertise in various fields landed him a job as a professor at the Staatliches Bauhaus – a prestigious German art school which he taught at for five years before leaving to start his own design studio.

But the lure of teaching seemed to be too strong, as Moholy-Nagy started a new school once he migrated to the United States. Initially called ‘The New Bauhaus’, the Chicago-based university is now better known as the IIT Institute of Design (ID) – a graduate school focused on human-centered design.

The New Bauhaus

2019 marks 100 years since German Bauhaus was born. And 1937 was the year László Moholy-Nagy founded ID, so it seems like the ideal time to make a documentary about his cultural impact on the art and design world. The New Bauhaus (the name of the documentary, not the school) takes a look at Moholy-Nagy’s life, art, school, and their relevance in the world of modern design today.

The documentary includes research on Moholy-Nagy’s works, interviews with designers and artists he inspired, as well as a look at his personal life through his daughter, Hattula Moholy-Nagy. From his time in Germany, all the way to his migration to America and teaching at the Bauhaus, The New Bauhaus will premiere in 2019 to coincide with the school’s 100th anniversary.

The documentary has already been fully funded on Kickstarter, earning $52,314 in total to make the production possible. Find out more on The New Bauhaus and where you’ll be able to catch it over on its Kickstarter.


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