When it comes to the near future of immersive 3D viewing platforms, the science behind the holographic and virtual reality experiences can oftentimes be replicated using only the basic of supplies.

Among others, Google Cardboard has proven that anybody can experience VR for next to nothing (seriously, the cardboard viewers are given out for free at many tech events). Of course, they may not be as comfortable as the upcoming Oculus Rift headset, but it’s still downright impressive.

Now, a simple DIY project allows anybody with a few spare CD jewel cases and a utility knife to create what is certainly one of the most impressive uses for a spare jewel case that we’ve seen in years – a 3D holographic projector:

Created by Tech YouTuber ‘Mrwhosetheboss’ (inspired by a more rough video from earlier this year), the DIY 3D holographic projector uses a simple four-step process of cutting four equally-sized trapezoids from the CD jewel cases and assembling them all by their edges to create a standing viewer (also called a Four Faces Pyramid).



When placed on top of a video display that has four alternate views of the same object, the object is picked up by the four-faced pyramid and is lifted into 3D space – which ultimately provides viewers with 360° views of the same rotating object:


Now all we need is an automated four-side, holographic-ready turntable rendering option from our favorite rendering programs and we’ll be set.


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