GigaOM RoadMap examines how product design, user interfaces, and the underlying frameworks will evolve over the next several years to advance and humanize connected technology. The event was held yesterday, Monday November 5th in San Francisco and featured a wealth of insight from some of the leading designers and thinkers today.

Crafting a roadmap for human and technology intersections

While being connected through technology has no doubt made our lives easier, it has also added a whole other level of complexity that is constantly shifting and evolving to match our latest social media tools, smartphone apps, and web redesigns. From product designers to UX designers to CEOs of leading startups (including Kickstarter), the event is aimed at curating a ‘Roadmap’ for these ‘Intersections’ through providing insight from some of the world’s most respected innovative thinkers. Topics such as connecting consumers in regards to the retail experience, how to harness the cloud in the realm of creativity, how Next-Gen platforms are shifting the way we view ourselves and our world, and the future of visual experiences on the web are all explored at the event.

The Speakers

Scott Wilson (Founder, MNML) on Expressive Devices and Entrepreneurial Design

Designer Scott Wilson has taken an entrepreneurial approach to creating connected devices for some of the world’s leading brands. He also raised almost $1 million for his watch product. Hear about what makes him tick.

Perry Chen (CEO, Kickstarter) on Creativity in the Age of Kickstarter

Kickstarter’s creator and CEO, Perry Chen, discusses the future of creativity in the era of crowdsourced funding. As audiences and creators are encouraged to work together to syndicate risk and experiment with ideas, what impact is Kickstarter having on the worlds of art, design and culture?

Tony Faddel (CEO, Nest) on Disrupting Dinosaurs with Design

After designing the iPhone and iPod for Apple, Nest CEO Tony Fadell decided he wanted to tackle a tired and unusual industry: thermostats. Listen to Fadell talk about how design can disrupt even decades-old sectors and do good in the process.

Yves Behar (CEO, Fuseproject) on Why Design Wants to be Free

Design has the power to educate, inform, change society and create new opportunities where none existed. And in an environment of connectivity, design has another aim: It wants to be free.

To see the videos of these speakers, as well as many others, be sure to check out the event’s Livestream.


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