When it comes to finding new uses for old tech, there’s more than one way to skin the cat. From turning an old tablet into a smart home controller to creating a dedicated home entertainment server with an old laptop, the possibilities for keeping your devices protected against the principles of Moores Law are seemingly limitless if you get creative enough.

But using old hardware as planters? That’s a new one

For his Plant Your Mac! collection, artist Christophe Guinet (AKA “Mr. Plant”) took a stab at converting a collection of “vintage” Macs—playing off of each’s own industrial design—into a series of species–specific terrariums as a statement against the growing state of computer production and planned obsolescence.



“[All of my] compositions show us the beauty of nature through everyday cult objects,” he explains. “[I want to] minimize the harmful impact on the environment is in contrast to the escalation of consumerism and the race to keep producing new objects which are more technical and more ‘hyped’.”



While Apple, in particular, is doing more than most other manufacturers when it comes to sustainability efforts, the underlying principle behind the series still stands: can’t everybody just take a break and get outside more?


Check out the entire series over at Guinet’s website.


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