Let’s settle a debate: Magneto is the best character in X-Men. 

He’s suave, he’s broody from a rich backstory, and he does more exciting things with technology than Batman could ever hope for. It’s beautiful work to pull out excess iron from inside someone’s blood and body. And who doesn’t want to lift metal beams with a flick of a wrist?

This tool won’t give you that per se, but it does offer a minuscule taste of what it’s like to have Magneto’s inherent magnetism. Heh.

SE’s Telescoping Magnetic Pick-up Tool

This handy, little tool is fairly straightforward. As its name suggests, it is a tool with a magnet on one end that lets you pick-up small metal items. It features an extendable rod too, for when you can’t leave your chair, and that’s the closest we’ll get to magno-telekinesis. For now.

This comes in handy when you’ve lost your keys to the tenth circle of hell that is the underside of your couch. Or when you’re in that particular stage of IKEA furniture set-up where everything’s strewn about and you can’t, for the life of you, find that one weird three-pointed screw among the clutter. 

SE Telescoping Magnetic Pick-up Tool – Features:

  • It’s compact and extendable, with a 7” length and 30” length when extended.
  • The magnet can hold a weight up to 15 lbs.
  • Has a stainless steel rod, capable of handling a hot environment.
  • It has a black cushion grip on the handle for your comfort.
  • 1-pack or 2-pack options.

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