With so many cool things coming out each week, it can be hard to wade through all the rock-awesomeness. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you so all you have to do is lay back in your La-Z-Boy with your Blue Razz Big Gulp Slurpee and pop Reese’s Pieces into your mouth.

This week we saw everything from a hot tub made for camping to a DIY project that involves converting an old baseball bat into a hanging lamp.

Ready? Let’s go!

This week we look at:


The Nomad
NomadThe Nomad is a portable camping hot tub that brings the luxury of a spa to your lakeside campground. Featuring a flat-pack design, the tub uses a heated coil to keep the water plenty warm for when you come back from those icy lake dips. Check it out over at Nomad.

The Noke
NokeIt was only a matter of time…but kids you can now unlock your stinky lockers via your smartphone. The Noke is a simple padlock that replaces the key or combo lock with a simple receiver that communicates with your phone. Check it out over on Kickstarter!


HyperlapseHyperlapse is the new app from Instagram that features both video stabilizing tech and a timelapse feature for creating more cinematic videos. Whether you’re an Instagram Videographer pro or just a casual hobbyist, it’s worth taking a look to step up your video game. Check it out on iTunes.


CabinIf you’ve ever wanted to organize your family and friends in a Facebook-like social platform but didn’t want to share your Pizza Friday plans with the rest of the world, Cabin aims to change all that. This new app allows you to create your own social network with just a few peeps to keep family communication all in one place. Pretty nifty and free over at iTunes.


Baseball Bat Lamp
LampAmong some of the more unique projects we’ve come across as of late, this one is pretty dang unique. The baseball bat lamp project recycles an old aluminum baseball bat into a hanging aluminum pendant lamp. If you’ve got a couple of the sluggers just sitting around in the garage, check out this project over at Housemade Modern.

Voice-Activated Power Socket
PowerSocket…and if you’d like to throw your own DIY spin on the ‘Connected Smart Home’ concept, consider this Voice-Activated Power Socket project. Whether you want to command your entire computer setup to “power on” or just simply control your bedroom light, check it out over on Instructables.


Dropbox Pro
DropboxDropbox has a, whe plan offering called ‘Dropbox Pro’ that enables users up to 1TB of cloud storage for $9.99 month. If you’ve been looking for a place to store that growing collection of all of your weird cat photos, check it out over at Dropbox.

Cat Drinking Fountain
DrinkingFountainOn Etsy…where else?

And there you have it!

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