Online casinos are a dime a dozen, and it can be difficult to know what differentiates a good casino from a bad or fraudulent one. Virtually anyone could set up a very convincing website with enticing offers and get access to the money or personal information of anyone who signs up. This is why you need to know how to sniff out a fraudulent site when you see it. You also have to be able to tell if a casino is even worth playing at. Let’s look at six red flags you should watch out for when looking at online casinos.

Outlandish Offers

If a casino offers bonuses that are way higher than average, beware. If a casino is offering you a 2000% match bonus on your first deposit, the site is either a fake, or the bonus is extremely restrictive. When looking at online casino bonuses, the first thing you have to do is look at the fine print. Some casinos will have crazy wagering requirements. There is no point going for a $2000 match deposit bonus if you never get to see that money. 

If a casino asks that you spend more than 40 times your deposit plus the bonus to withdraw your money, look elsewhere. Ideally, you want to go with a casino that has a 20X to 30X wagering requirement on their initial match bonus. Look for as many deals as possible and go for the ones with the most reasonable terms.

If you want to make your search for bonuses easier, check out All the casinos on have been pre-screened, and you’ll clearly see which casinos offer the best bonuses. You’ll also learn a few things about the casinos, such as their game selection, the gaming experience, and the quality of their customer service, among others.

Poor Customer Service

Speaking of customer service, it’s always a good idea to try to contact a casino’s customer support team before you sign up with them. This will give you a general idea of whether they actually care about players. You also want to know if you’ll be able to easily reach someone if you need help. Most casinos will allow you to contact them through email, phone, or chat, so test all of these options. Check if you can reach someone via chat and how long it takes for you to get service. Send them an email and see how fast they respond, and call their customer service with a few questions. 

You could ask about things such as their game selection, for instance, or which software provider they’re using. See how fast and confidently they answer your questions. If they constantly have to pause to look up information, even for simple things, then that’s a definite red flag.

No Licence

Licensing is very important when picking an online casino. As a matter of fact, it should be the very first thing you look at. If you can’t find licensing information, or if the license comes from an obscure body that is not widely recognized, this is a bad sign.

When you’re looking for a casino, you should look for information from the UKGC, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Curacao, or the Malta Gaming Authority. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission and the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority are two more widely recognized regulatory bodies. If the casino in question is not accredited by any of these bodies, you will need to conduct research on the site in question and see how respected it is by the community.

No History

Another thing you should check when looking at online casinos is their About Us page. A real casino will have extensive information about when they were funded, what the parent company is, what software providers they’re working with, any accolades they’ve received, and more information that will allow you to know what they’re about.

If the casino’s About Us page is barren and contains generic information, beware. You’re likely dealing with a scam site. People who own these sites want you to know as little as possible about them, while trustworthy casinos love to share their story, so if the About Us page looks like it was copy-pasted, play elsewhere.

Inconsistent Gaming Experience

If you find a casino that is licensed and seems legitimate, then you should give the software a spin. Download the app on mobile devices and on your PC. Look at how the interface looks on different supports and check if the game selection changes. Some casinos will look and play very differently when you play on mobile vs. a PC. This is a major red flag as a good casino will provide smooth gameplay and a consistent look across all devices. You also should play the games and see if you notice any connectivity issues or if the animations slow down or become choppy. Software stability is very important as you could get disconnected at any time and lose tons of money. As a result, so don’t take this part lightly.

No Information on RTP Ratios

If you like playing online slots, you definitely have to look at RTP ratios before you pick one. The RTP ratio is the percentage of the money that is theoretically given back to players on the amount of money they spend. A machine with a 94% RTP ratio, for instance, will theoretically return £94 to players on every £100 they spend. The casino you play at should allow you to check the RTP for any game quickly. Also, look if the casino had its games tested for fairness by an auditing agency like eCOGRA. This is the only way to know if the odds they display are real and have been verified.

These are all things that will tell you instantly if an online casino can be trusted or not. Always take your time when picking a casino and look for as many reviews as you can before you trust any of them with your money or information.