How are modern sinks different? Which models are suitable for compact, and which ones are suitable for spacious bathrooms? How do you connect a sink yourself? What is the most practical and dependable method of installing a washbasin? When choosing a sink, it is important to understand its exact dimensions and the desired configuration. The dimensions, shape, and depth of the bowl are not only visual or aesthetic characteristics. The convenience of using plumbing depends on these parameters.

Shape and design features

The catalog of the online store includes the development of such configurations:

  • rectangular;
  • oval;
  • round;
  • triangular (angular);
  • trapezoidal;
  • asymmetric.

Washbasins with a shelf or drainer are considered more practical, as they allow you to keep a soap dish, a glass for toothbrushes, cosmetics, and other personal items close at hand. Manufacturers offer models with and without a tap hole. Products with hole markings are also available: if necessary, the master will make a hole during installation. Another important feature is the presence of overflow. If you choose the option without overflow, purchase a non-closable valve.

Countertop installation

Any flat surface can be used to install surface-mounted sinks.

To fix the bowl, you will need the following:

  • bring drain communications to the installation site;
  • attach the tabletop at a suitable height;
  • mark on the surface the location of the mortise faucet (if it is planned to be installed) and the washbasin;
  • make an outlet hole in the tabletop;
  • apply a sealant to the bottom of the sink and fix it in a predetermined place;
  • connect a siphon, as well as a mortise or wall mixer.

Such developments are fixed on a countertop made of different materials: artificial stone, and wood with moisture-resistant impregnation. The shelf is attached to the wall using brackets or concealed mounting systems.

Mounting the bowl on the nightstand

Manufacturers offer sets of bedside tables and sinks. Products matched to size and style are in special demand, as they save time on choosing equipment. In addition, often buying a ready-made solution is much more profitable financially.

If desired, you can purchase a kit with the following:

  • Overhead bowl. The procedure for fixing plumbing to furniture is not much different from installing it on a separate countertop.
  • partially or fully built-in washbasin. To perform accurate markings for embedding plumbing in the countertop, use a special stencil.

The specialists of our online store will help you choose reliable and stylish plumbing for your new bathroom. Managers will clarify technical specifications and design requirements and offer several suitable options. We cooperate with leading European plumbing factories and work with a complete set of projects of any scale.