You may have seen a video showing how you can bake cookies on a Lamborghini dashboard. It is known that the more powerful the engine, the more it heats up. Therefore, if you want to have a picnic in nature somewhere in an exotic place, you can use a Lamborghini Huracan rental Dubai at a local hiring salon and not take a grill with you.

This is, of course, a joke. But it’s not a joke at all that today. You can easily hire a supercar from a rental company at a not-exorbitant price and ride with a breeze in the heat. Agree. What could be better than driving along a deserted highway in a luxury rental convertible? The main thing is to make sure that your rented Lambo does not overheat in + 30°C heat.

Read some good advice, and take care of your vehicle. And about the person who drives it.

How to protect the car body

Oddly enough, it is in the summer that the car body needs additional external protection the most. The simplest but also the least resistant coating is wax. Today there are much more reliable methods of protecting the body from external influences. These include the so-called Teflon coating and other nanocoatings, capable of resisting even small tree branches and providing protection for the body from one to three years.

Recently, body protection with a special transparent film has also been in good demand. It resists minor damage well, can be polished, and protects the outer surface of the car well for up to 5 years or even more. This pleasure is not cheap, but the excellent presentation of the car can serve as a consolation.

In addition, a regular car wash is recommended. First, a clean paint surface better reflects the sun’s rays. Therefore, the paint fades less. And secondly, the contaminated surface does not burn out evenly.

How to protect the salon

Athermal glasses were invented specifically to protect the interior of the car and its passengers from overheating and the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Do-it-yourself tinting is also an option. True, if you are experienced and can do everything neatly yourself.

Tip: when in the city, park your car in the shade of buildings and trees. But don’t forget the birds.

How to ensure safety

Has everyone seen in the movies how an experienced explosives technician creates an “explosive mixture” from ordinary household chemicals? At first glance, this is a standard movie trick. But when a lighter lying peacefully on the dashboard suddenly explodes at the most inopportune and unexpected moment, you understand that cinematic special effects cannot be compared with real life. So hide lighters from the sun.

There may be another situation. From the heat, it can inflate and then tear off the lid from a canister of gasoline. Fuel will pour into the trunk in a stream and through the technological holes onto a hot muffler, which can lead to a fire! So, it is better to avoid taking gasoline in a canister with you. Well, or at least periodically release “steam” from it.

Always and precisely at hand, keep the serviceable fire extinguisher.

How to protect tires

With an increase in temperature, and even more so when driving at high speed on hot asphalt, the tire becomes very hot. In this case, it is important that the pressure in it before leaving is normal. If the pressure is below normal, the tire overheats, which can lead to its destruction. It’s especially dangerous on the highway. A lot of people died because of this seemingly nonsense.

Also, periodic treatment of the sidewalls of the tire with a special compound will not interfere. For the sun’s rays destroy the rubber, and many microcracks form in it.

How to protect your windshield

No less dangerous in the heat and cold air of the air conditioner. Not only can you easily blow through (if you point the deflector at yourself), the same jet of cold can cause a crack in the windshield. The effect is the same as in winter, just the opposite. That is: in severe frosts, hot air is dangerous for cold glass, and in summer, cold air directed at the hot glass is no less destructive.


Not only the components and parts of the car can overheat, but also the people in it (that is, you). Remember that to combat overheating, a person needs protection from direct sunlight and plenty of fluids. Moreover, preference should be given to warm mineral water. It is better not to drink cold water. Hypothermia of individual parts of the body can cause an immune reaction, which is accompanied by overheating, both general and local.

And yes: special attention should be paid to children. The endurance of children under adverse environmental influences is much lower than that of adults.