Just after Sandboxr was scheduled to launch their own creature creator app February 1st, Autodesk has sprouted another tentacle from its 123D app portfolio and introduced Autodesk 123D Creature. Yes, you can model your own creature in the discomfort of an office chair during a meeting, but guess what? You can also send it off to be printed.

Ready. Set. Print-a-Creature

The iPad app give you basic tools to model a creature like a Noodled phalange or a Blargraptor and yes, send them off to print via online printer service Sculpteo. Clément Moreau, CEO of Sculpteo had this to say:

“We are able to make the latest 3D printing technology available to people via this creative app simply by integrating a Sculpteo button which enables people to transform their 3D designs into real objects. The 123D Creature app is a great example of how the Sculpteo 3D printing Cloud Engine is being integrated into new innovative apps and software.”


The app is available from iTunes for $1.99 (special launch price that is still going on as of this writing) and requires iOS 6 or later and works like this.

YouTube video

123D Creature on Youtube

You can also export a mesh to print yourself. As Andrew from Makerbot points out, that printer in the video is a Makerbot Replicator 2. One thing you’ll also notice is that after uploading the files to 123Dapp.com community, you can export them to edit in 123D Sculpt or 123D Make.

It’s a pretty slick little app. Not only will people become more familiar with the sculpting tools, but also the concept of rigging a model for animation. I wouldn’t be surprised if they added rigging, along with simple animation and .fbx export in the future. A big thanks to Simon for grabbing the screenshots below with his fancy iPad that supports iOS 6.










Sculpteo 3D print image via Sculpteo


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