Last week, while many off you were getting the kids off to the first week school or recovering from an intense, sun-infused vacation, SolidWorks snuck up behind you and launched a new version of their SolidWorks viewing app for the iPad right in your face. This one has ‘Pro’ slapped on the end of it and brings the ability to measure, create dynamic cross sections, save, send by email and, yes, markup that model to your heart’s content.

eDrawings Pro for iPad

There are now two versions – eDrawings for iPad and eDrawings Pro for iPad. (Sorry, still no Android app available.) The Pro version gives you exactly what you wanted in the eDrawings for iPad version – measure, markup and cross-section. You get an updated interface with a toolbar for the additional functionality, and yes, your password protected eDrawings still stay password-protected. Like Lou Gallo, I think these features could have been an in-app purchase, or upgrade, to eDrawings for iPad instead of creating a whole new ‘Pro’ version, but big deal, SolidWorks got an extra $1.99 out of me (an you, and you, and you…) to satiate my need for measuring, markup and dynamic cross-sectioning.

The markup takes some getting use to (Tip: snap a screen capture as soon as you mark what you need) and the additional toolbar is a bit wonky with the pop-ups staying visible when selecting other commands, but all in all, this is finally the app you can take with you to the shop floor to view, measure and markup your SolidWorks files. You can download eDrawings for iPad Pro from iTunes. Regular price will be $9.99 but the app is on sale through the end of September for $4.99.

Source: SolidWorks


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