Lookout Creo users. Sharing 3D views, with your family, of the widgets you model all day just became ‘a two-finger pinch and a gleam in your smile’ easier. Creo View is now available for iPhone and iPad devices. What’s in store? Let’s have a look.

Creo View

Creo View is the second mobile app released by PTC with Windchill mobile being the first. It has all you need and all you would expect to view, spin, slap and share Creo models on a mobile device. One feature that stands out is the “Shake-and-break” features. While less delicious than “Shake-and-Bake” dinner packs, it does allow you to shake your device creating an Exploded View of assembled components across your screen. And yes, it’s perfectly permissible to tell your children, “It’s magic.”

YouTube video


  • Open from Cloud Storage apps like Droipbox
  • Open from email attachments
  • Multi-touch viewing
  • “Shake-and-break” apart to explode views
  • View saved views
  • Tap parts to show names

When viewing, you don’t have rotation damping and standard orthographic views are not available (unless you save them with the model), but the view snaps at 180 degrees when the 3D model is rotated and touching a part highlights it with a subtle transparent chartreuse color. You can download Creo View from the iTunes app store with additional example models available at ptc.com/go/creoviewmobileviewables.

Are you glad they finally released a model viewer? What needs to be next?

Source: PTC


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