I hope you’re squared away on your resolutions because you won’t find any of that hulabaloo here. We’s about to get busy with some good ol’ SolidWorks tips that will have you rockin’ into the new year faster, and dare I say more efficient, than ten rabid squirrels burying nuts in a bin of squash.

Over the next few days you’ll be getting a dose of some tips to quickly eviscerate the unknown vascular recesses that are SolidWorks and the joys of working in CAD.

If you want to know a tip about something in particular, hit the comments already! aaaand, just to get your tastebuds wet, here’s a quick one you can use right away.

Tip #1 – Annotation View Juice
You and your aunts and cousins can sip on some Annotation Views to create annotated model and drawing views real dang quick.

In the Feature Manager Tree, right click on the Annotations folder and select Insert Annotation View. You can Orient a view by the default or custom View Orientations or by a selection. I’ll usually use a selection for what area I want to focus in on.

Once created, you can right click again and edit the annotation view to add dimensions from other views or adjust the orientation.

view-palette-task-pane.jpgWhen you go to the drawing, use the Task Pane on the right side of the screen with the drawing icon to show the drawing views for your part or assembly. Drag and drop it onto the sheet, select Annotation View in the Property Manager and the notes and dimensions you’ve created for that annotation view will show up.

Nice and clean. You’ll notice you can start doing a lot more of your annotating in your model. How much longer will we be depending on actual drawings ya think?


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