On Tuesday, February 6th, SpaceX elbowed history in the neck bone with the test launch of Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket ever launched. At an estimated cost of 90 million (150 million at most) and the ability to push 141,000 lbs beyond our atmosphere, it’s putting space exploration back on everyone’s mind.

And, no doubt, it’s going to inspire many an engineer. Engineers like Lance Skelly, a Mechanical and Structural Draughtsman who runs thingimajigs.com. He knew anyone who is cool enough to freak the flip out over a Tesla Roadster being fired into space at over 18,000 mph would appreciate a 3D model of the spacecraft. So, he made one.

Lance modeled the Falcon Heavy in KeyCreator and, though it’s just a rough estimate, it’s a great starting point to reference to create your own 3D model, your own model rocket, or Falcon Heavy Jell-o mold you’ve been dreaming about over the last week.

You can download the Falcon Heavy model on GrabCAD. BONUS! Don’t miss his Falcon 9 model either. See it here.)


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