Who needs a rocket engine? WHO DOESN’T?! And a 3D model of a rocket engine? Well, just think of the possibilities… You could place it randomly in the model of your new product and have a good laugh when everyone starts questioning it during a design review. You could 3D print it, set it on your desk and charge people to touch it. And YES, you could Photoshop your face and use it to give yourself JET ENGINE JOWLS.


Hans de Ridder created this model using SolidWorks, and although it’s mostly modeled up as a single part, it fun to play around with and get some ideas on modeling your own rocket engines or Sci-Fi 3D modely bits to use in a multitude of ways. From the looks of the 60+ pages of his other models he knows what he’s doing too, with all matter of ships, rockets, robots and vehicles.

The SolidWorks .sldasm and .sldprt files are available to download, but you may need to request a .step or .iges version if you use another 3D modeling software. You can download the files via GrabCAD! (Bonus! Check out all the sci-fi ships Hans has created on his project page!)

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!


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