Ugh, not again. You’re digging through the cupboard looking for that triangular mesh fabric to make a mechanoid death eater mask for your chihuahua and you can’t find a sheet of it to save your life. Put that little yappin’ dog in a bag of cheese puffs for a few minutes and check this out.

Devin Montes of Make Anything has created some wonderful triangular mesh fabric you’re just going to love – like wrap yourself in it and roll around in the grass kind of love. He’s experimented with 87 different ways (give or take 20) to create a 3D printed plastic mesh and finally settled on a stellar approach. Have a look.

The sheets are very flexible with an outer surface that’s both slick looking and pleasing to the touch. As the video shows, he incorporated a clever way to link multiple sheets together, adding a small tab to the edge pieces that can then be linked to adjacent sections and stitched together using a 3D pen. Devin is using MatterHackers Pro PLA on an Anycubic Prusa i3 and an MK2 with multi-material upgrade for the multi-color prints you see below.

You can download the triangular mesh fabric on MyMiniFacatory.  (BONUS! Check out the cubemail version shown in the video as well. Snag it here!)

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