If you were to walk into my house, you would tuck your chin and say, “This space is a perfect illustration of a complete lack of modern design aesthetic.” And that’s ok. I would still invite you in and give you two handfuls of spicy, meat-laden chili.

You would then say, “You need to have Scandanavian design studio Søren Rose do a makeover on your sorry excuse for a living space.” I would give you more chili and say, “Already got it covered! I’ve downloaded all the 3D models of their incredibly, incredible design and will be looking at them occasionally, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. More chili?”

If you’re in the same boat, you too can download the beautiful furniture designs of the Danish craftsman to admire, render, use in your own room designs or simply spin around and imagine them in your own home. The 3D models of many collections are provided from the popular TriBeCa collection to the Church Chair, the Sideboard, the Edgar Stool and many, many succulent light fixtures. Each has a .3dm, .3ds, and .dwg file provided and there are even more photos on the website available of each piece alone and in their natural environment of modern class.

You can download the files from the Søren Rose Studio website!

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!





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