#896 on the list of things you’ve never thought about? What type of planter you plant your toe roots in if you were a chubby little succulent. Let me answer that question for you.


Because they’re the same planter, but different, but THE SAME. How? They all use the same shape made from the same, super slick, super shapey, 3D printed mold. Antonio García, Motion Grapher and 3d Artist, of Duke Doks is the designer and creator behind the planters you see above and he breaks down the entire process he used to make each, from modeling to molding, in this excellent video:

YouTube video

Tell me you don’t want to try this out? Antonio used Cinema 4D to model up the planter and a modded Anet A6 3D Printer to print the mold pieces (snag the Anet A8 here). He used PLA for the outer rigid pieces and 3DFils flexible filament for the inner flexible piece. (Don’t forget the Anet A6 flexible filament guide.) After molding and sanding, he used the high-grade Montana 94 spray paint to coat some of the concrete/plastic sections and ingeniously connects each section together using a few magnets between each section.

I love these so much–don’t be surprised if you drive by my house and see them scattered across the yard… and the neighbor’s yard. You can download the model at Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory, or Cults. (Bonus! If you haven’t already, check out Antonio’s website and be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel!)

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