One of my 200 dream cars begins with Porsche and ends with 911 GT3 RS. Until I can sell enough plasma to purchase a used one that needs the rusted out floorboard replaced, I’ll settle for the highly prized 1:8 scale LEGO Technic version. And until one of you buy that and ship it to me, I’ll settle for gazing up this 3D model of the beautifully bricked out Porsche 911 FT3 RS, built by GrabCAD user DK.

DKs byline is “A single D, for that single dose of pimpin'” which is absolutely accurate. He’s been using Autodesk Inventor since R4 and claims that “Chicks dig guys who make stuff” which we won’t argue with. at. all. because IT’S TRUE. He churns out all sorts of LEGO models–highly accurate LEGO models–and has the process down to an art in Inventor, even to the point of creating an Inventor LEGO tools Library.

The Porsche model is just beautiful in every way. He has all 228 numbered LEGO pieces, including engine and interior details, plus decals. For those without Inventor, he has included a STEP file – you provide the giddy laughter after opening it up in your modeling software to explore. Though I usually share items that can be 3D printed, this would be wonderful to use in creating some renderings, building some alternate assemblies or adding in a small, 1:8 scale 3D representation of yourself.

You can download the files on GrabCAD! (Bonus! Grab one of his other LEGO models here!)

(OH, and here’s that link to the actual LEGO Technic Porsche 911, in case you wanted it or, ya know, wanted to ship one over.)

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